Platinum Investment Managers

Platinum Investment Managers (Pvt) Limited is the fund management division of Platinum Groupe (Pvt) Limited. It is a registered fund manager in terms of the Asset Management Act, (Chapter 24:26). The company was founded in 1999, as the asset management division of MBCA Holdings Zimbabwe (a subsidiary of Nedbank SA), before being incorporated under Platinum Groupe after the landmark sale of the company in March 2010.

Since then, Platinum Investment Managers has overseen remarkable growth in the portfolio of private and institutional investments, pension funds and unit trusts. This has been premised on a solid foundation of trust generated from reliability and transparency of its investment philosophies and strategies. It has created for itself a reputation of integrity, honesty and consistency performance. While following a customer focused approach in investment solutions, the following are available products at Platinum Investment Managers;

Balanced Mandates

  • This is an efficiently diversified investment portfolio offering a mixture of equity and fixed income securities. The portfolio seeks to optimise risk and stabilise returns while delivering measured capital appreciation in long-term.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Balance between Income and Growth (reduces risk).
  • Low volatility of returns.
  • Combination of Fundamental Active Management for better results.
  • Optimal liquidity and flexibility (allows access to cash when needed).

All Equity Mandates

  • Equities refer to financial instruments that signify an ownership position in a company and represent a claim on its proportionate share in the company’s assets and profits.
  • Focusing on stock selection with the capacity to provide client specific, specialist mandates with a bias to growth (or value if required).

Key Features and Benefits

  • Offers the opportunity of income from dividend paying stocks and capital gains.
  • Low risk from careful selection of value stocks.
  • Provides access to the highest quality stocks at the ZSE.
  • Low portfolio turnover, underpinned by a long-term outlook.
  • Stable portfolio performance through market cycles.

Fixed Income Mandates

  • Designed to outperform client benchmarks through superior security selection, yield curve positioning and interest rate forecasting.
  • Fixed income securities are investments that provide a return in the form of fixed periodic payments and the eventual return of principal at maturity; unlike a variable income security, the payments of a fixed income security are known in advance.
  • Focuses on money market investments only. Investments are done on instruments such as Treasury Bills, Bankers Acceptances and Fixed Deposits with stable financial institutions.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Provides capital protection and a defined income stream, enhancing financial planning.
  • An opportunity to save money for emergencies or for a short-term goal.
  • Low volatility of returns.
  • Diversified and secure portfolio of fundamentally selected high quality bonds and money market investments.
  • Active exposure to high risk adjusted fixed income returns currently obtaining in the money market.
  • Dynamic and comprehensive risk management that cushions the capital invested.

Unlisted Property Investments

  • Investments are focused on getting an exposure in properties within the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Investments are made in consultation with the client regarding which specific properties to buy, sell or build in line with return expectations.